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Greening Up Brevard One Piece at a Time

Cypress Mulch and Sod Inc

We Sell Sod by the Pallet (400 Square Foot) or By the Piece

Delivery Available Minimum Delivery is 1 Pallet

Bahia (450 sq foot)

Uses Commercial, Home, Parks

Color Green Feel Soft

Drought Tolerant

Deep Root System Viable Seed

Does Not Require Irrigation

St Augustine Floratam

(Developed by the University of Florida and Texas A&M)

 Commercial or Home

Blue-Green Color

Most Popular St. Augustine

Best in Full Sun

Fall Color Retention and Spring Green Up  Very Good

Heat Tolerance  Very Good    Cold Tolerance  Very Good

Shade Tolerance Average  Drought Tolerance  Average

Mowing:  Standard Rotary  3"-4" in Height

Requires Irrigation to Grow Properly

Icon Zoysia

Commercial, Sports/Parks, Home

Color: Emerald Green     Blade Width  3mm        Feels  Soft

Fall Color Retention and Spring Green Up   Excellent

Injury Recovery  Very Good    Diseases   Good

Heat Tolerance Excellent  Cold Tolerance  Excellent   Shade Tolerance  Fair 

Drought Tolerance  Very Good   Salt Tolerance  Very Good

St Augustine Classic (Shade)

Emerald Green Color Soft Feel

Good Fall Color Retention

Very Good Spring Cleanup

Durable in Heat and Shade

Requires Irrigation to Grow Properly

St Augustine Seville (Shade)

Fine leaved, semi-dwarf St. Augustine that performs well in the shade.

Commercial or Home

Light Green in Color                    

Fall Color Retention Average           Spring Green Up  Very Good

Wear Average              Insect Resistance  Average

Heat Tolerance Average     Cold Tolerance  Good   Shade Tolerance Excellent 

 Mower  Reel or Rotary    Mow Height  2" to 2.5"  

Weed Control  Good

Requires Irrigation to Grow Properly

St Augustine Palmetto (Shade)

Emerald Green

Low Maintenance

Performs Well in Shade with 3-4 Hours of Direct Sunlight

Requires Irrigation to Grow Properly

Celebration Bermuda

Striking Blue-Green Color

#1 Rated Drought Tolerance

Most Shade Tolerant Bermuda

Excellent Wear Tolerance And Divot Recovery

Reduced Fertilization

Great Choice For Recreation And Professional Sports

Widely Used On Golf Courses

Proven Performance

Requires Irrigation to Grow Properly

Bimini Bermuda

  • Deep Green Color

    Faster Growing

    Upright Leaf Growth

    Frost Tolerant

    Excellent Wear Tolerance

    Excellent Cold Tolerance

    Widely Used On Golf, Athletic Fields And Home Lawns

  • Requires Irrigation to Grow Properly